Meet The Team


Greenwalks : Anthony

Hi my name is Anthony and I have been dog walking since 1998. Before that I owned a successful shop in Camden lock selling crystals, minerals and fossils.

As a dog lover since childhood it was a dream come true. I set up green walks to provide a comprehensive dog service when there was little choice available.

Since then I’ve seen many other dog walkers come and go whilst my experience and reliability has given my clients a reason to return year after year, establishing a continued relationship throughout their dogs life as my testimonials will show.

At green walks we now have a team of dedicated dog walkers who all share my passion. Fully insured, Dog first aid trained and CRB checked for your peace of mind!

I am confident that we will provide the safety, love and care your dog needs to come home contented and fulfilled every day.


Greenwalks : Cristina

Hi, my name is Cristina, I was born and raised on a small farm surrounded by lots of animals which is where I found my passion for our favourite four legged friends.

After working in many different environments throughout my life I realised that despite my degree in psychology, I wanted to work with animals more than anything. Once I moved to London , i wanted to spend more time with my four year old chocolate Labrador; Nyme.

I was recommended Anthony and Green Walks, by another dog walker and after some time as his client he offered me a job to dive into something that exhilarates me. I honestly haven’t been happier since I started working as part of the Green Walks team. Becoming a dog walker seemed a natural progression to do what I love best and enjoy doing. Using my knowledge of and love for dogs, I now have the incredible privilege of taking my best friend Nyme with me to work every day!


Greenwalks : Janet

Hello, my name is Janet and from an early age I’ve been caring for animals. From my neighbours dogs and cats, to a stray puppy I helped off the streets and back to its loving owners… Helping to look after and care for animals has always been of second nature to myself.

As soon as I was able, I got a gorgeous German Shepherd called Jason who helped teach me about the more intricate needs in raising a dog. Whilst living in Australia I was privileged to rescue a Dingo cross breed, Sandy. Loving a good challenge I revelled in being able to turn a disobedient puppy into a joyful and loyal companion for life!

Currently I have undergone work as a dog walker, helped train horses and am the happy owner of three cats. Being able to walk and train dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes is the perfect solution to give back my experiences through Green Walks.


Greenwalks : Heather

Hello I’m Heather. I live in Islington and I started working with the Green Walks team in October 2018.
Before this amazing job I had over 25 years cooped up in an office working in publishing. In my spare time I’m a singer in an Jazz ensemble band.

As a child I grew up in Warwickshire, in a house full of animals that ran free in our large garden, we also had an Aviary. I used to have a spaniel called Venus who was a fantastic ball collector when I was playing tennis. If I have to have a favourite dog and it’s a difficult choice, I guess it would probably be a Doxie a Spaniel and Daschund mix, the best bits of both of them.

Now I have the luxury of working with a wide variety of canine friends every day and while they may offer the occasional challenge, seeing them grow and develop is a total joy.